The Worst Thing You Can Say To Someone Who Loves You

Thought Catalog

“I don’t know what she wants me to say to her. I know that she has a lot of feelings for me, and I really like her, but I just don’t want anything serious like that. And I can’t just tell her no.”

A friend of mine wondered to me how to deal with his long-term kind-of girlfriend who had clearly fallen in love with him while he had remained quite content in benign indifference. He asked me what I thought he should do — she was talking about things like moving in, going on vacations together, and planning for the future. He hadn’t looked past the end of this week, especially not with her. I told him that he had to be honest with her, to rip off the band-aid while he still had the chance, and break her heart acutely to save it rotting over the next several…

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